Toni Tora Botwid (fd. 1990) is a scenographer, costume designer and visual artist. Toni works in the fields of theatre, dance and film.

”I do art, because it is what brings me most joy – but also because of its importance; It is a place to show both other possibilities and parallel worlds. A place where people can let their thoughts and feelings wander outside the everyday paths, bounce towards a new surface and perhaps return with new thoughts and meaning. It gives us a break from what is expected, and sometimes an insight in another’s world and history. Or a reflection of ones own world that we did not know we longed for. In this way, I believe that art can be a forerunner and inspiration for life and society outside of art. It can give hope, heal and complicate. ”

Toni´s main field is in scenography and costume design,  and they have a background as a videoartist, performer and columnist writing about the performing arts. 


See CV for the full list of things I have done 🙂